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Organic Tellicherry Black Pepper (TGEB)

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Pepper is the fruit of the piper nigrum, a tropical vine which flourishes in a narrow, 15-degree band around the equator, in places where the sun is hot and monsoons can bring over 100 inches of rain per year. The vine sprouts clusters of berries that contain a single seed.

 The rainfall, sun and minerals in the soil in the region in which pepper is grown, when the berries are picked, and how they are processed affects its flavor and aroma. The tropical heat, monsoon rains, and loamy, red laterite soil laden with iron and other minerals of the Malabar Coast in the southwestern state of Kerala has always had the requisite conditions for growing premium pepper.

The major peppers from this area are the large and strongly flavored Tellicherry pepper and the smaller aromatic mass market Malabar pepper.  Tellicherry peppercorns are left to ripen the longest. This allows the pepper’s flavor to fully develop, becoming deeper and more complex. They are the largest size in the international market; 95% of the berries are 4.25 mm or larger. Malabar peppercorns are smaller, about 3.25mm, and are mostly used for production of ground pepper.